Happily Ever Married

Welcome!! Have you ever heard of happily ever after? After what you may ask? After you’re married and you begin your journey and life together! My name is Janene and I own a cleaning business, I’m married to the most wonderful man, I have two beautiful girls that I gained as daughters on my wedding day, and my husband and I are over the Young Marrieds ministry at our church. Sounds perfect right? Well, we have been on an amazing journey…

My husband and I will have been married 10 years this April, and we have a blended family. I’m not sure they should called it blended, as that would indicate that we all perfectly came together in a very quick and supercharged way. It should be called something more like a crockpot family as it takes time to prepare the ingredients, sometimes even marinading them, and then has to cook on high or low for a long time to simmer and make the perfect outcome.

We have been through hurts, pain, rejection, outside influences, emotions, and trials that could have destroyed us or our marriage. But instead, because of our commitment to God and to each other, we have learned to truly love unabandoned, forgive and forget, communicate honestly, come together instead of falling apart, and become one!

We have a successful marriage built to last because we have put to work principals and teachings from the word of God, books and study on marriage, trial and error, pushing through obstacles with prayer and fasting, and loving and being patient with one another. We have learned to listen to one another and give grace. We know you can have a happily ever married life too!

Whether you are newly married, married for years, you just want to improve your already great marriage, or you are in marriage ministry, we invite you to follow us!


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